grand canyon day two.

^^Watch Tower.^^
 ^^Another Watch Tower View.^^
  ^^My parents!^^
   ^^Viewpoint from the Trailview Overlook. I think this was one of my favorite spots in the Grand Canyon.^^

Grand Canyon Day Two: We woke up bright and early and drove along the Hermits Rest Route. Normally you can only access this area of the Canyon by a bus, but since I've been limping since my surgery a few weeks back (and I'm wearing these stiff orthopedic shoes) so the Park gave us an accessibility pass. We were able to drive to each viewpoint, hop out of the car, snap a quick pic then keep driving along the edge of the canyon. The tourist peak is quickly winding down so it seemed like we had this entire side of the park to ourselves. I don't know how we luck out like that sometimes!

Driving along the South Rim was incredible. We ate lunch along the cliffs and drove along the beaten path. I'm just really enjoying myself here.

We're heading back to Vegas tomorrow and I'm bummed we can't spend an entire year here, but these last two days have been a dream. Until next time, Grand Canyon!

grand canyon day one.

 ^^View of the Sky Bridge while walking over the Hoover Dam.^^
^^The Colorado River below the Hoover Dam. Really quite sad how low the water level has receded over the past decade.^^
^^This view tho.^^
  ^^The Grand Canyon! We arrived just before sunset.^^
^^El Tovar Lodge, our home for the night.^^
^^Standing on the edge! Also, don't mind my post-surgery orthopedic on both of my feet. I'll be stumbling along the canyon these next few days (and in these fugly shoes for 5 more weeks).^^
Hello from the Grand Canyon! My parents are visiting us from Washington for a few days so we're making a trip out of it and visiting the Grand Canyon South Rim until Tuesday. On the drive here we stopped at Hoover Dam, built in the 1930's. By the time we arrived at the Grand Canyon, the sun was just about to set so we snapped a few photos. Tonight we're staying in the El Tovar Lodge, a hotel built almost 100 years ago. The hotel is right on the edge of the canyon and I'm feeling pretty lucky to be sleeping here.

Tomorrow we're going to explore the rim!

halloween details.

Details of our halloweeny home. My favorites are our tassel garland from Tassellove and our glass stars from KurtKnudsen. I 'carved' a pumpkin this morning and I probably won't ever again; it's so much harder than I thought! I'm currently burning a 'spice autumn' candle and watching Halloweentown so everything is g o o d.

the u.k. in an instant.

Vacations are always better when you bring along an Instax camera. I really love the risk of taking each picture and not knowing how it's going to turn out until it's too late to take another photo. There are a few pictures I didn't scan because they were totally duds but that's okay. Most of the time I'm happy with our instax photos even with the quality that a film photo has. So there you have it, England and Scotland in an instant!

loch lomond, scotland.

^^Pretty waterfalls in the National Park.^^
^^Loch Lubnaig.^^
^^Loch Lomond, the largest fresh water lake in the U.K.^^
^^I'm not even sure what this was but we liked how it looked.^^

Loch Lomond, Scotland: Today is our last day in the U.K! We drove through Trossachs National Park to see all of the lakes (or loch's as they're called in Scotland). Scotland has a lot of natural attractions and I was blown away with how green this area is. We also drove to Glasgow for our final night. It's an industrial city but there were fun walking streets with tourist-y shops.

Next Stop: Home in Las Vegas. See you next time, England and Scotland!

falkirk & stirling, scotland.

^^Kelpies horse sculpture in Falkirk. They're 100 feet tall.^^
^^View of the city from the Stirling Castle.^^
^^My favorite door/entry way I've seen in the UK.^^
^^Stirling Castle with pretty vines growing on the walls.^^
^^Our stay tonight at Broomhall Castle. It looks pink at night!^^

Falkirk & Stirling, Scotland: We're still going strong with making our way through the UK! We drove through Falkirk and Stirling today and both were really pretty towns. I know I've said this before, but I'm really surprised with the weather. It was supposed to rain for about half of the trip but we've barely seen a drop of rain. I love the city views in all of the places we've been to; there are always castles on the top of hills with 360° panos. I can't believe we only have one full day left here!

Next (and final) stop: Loch Lomond & Glasgow, Scotland.

edinburgh, scotland.

^^View of the city from Calton Hill.^^
^^This picture is taken from the Edingburgh castle on Castle Rock. You can see the National Monument of Scotland in the distance (it has the pillars on the hill).^^
^^Obligatory picture with a Scottish man playing the bagpipe.^^
^^The National Monument. A memorial for the Scottish soldiers and sailors who died fighting in the Napoleonic Wars. The size of this monument is really impressive; so huge we could barely climb up on the structure.^^
^^Just being us.^^
^^View of Edinburgh castle in the distance from Calton Hill.^^
^^The Scott Monument, a victorian gothic tower built in 1844.^^

Edinburgh, Scotland: We woke up this morning in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The city is filled with spires, castles, and amazing monuments. The leaves are turning quick here and I love the first signs of fall. We went to Edinburgh castle which is the most visited attraction in the city. The castle sits on a huge hill and I think it's the largest castle we've been to yet. Scotland, we like you!!

Next stop: Stirling, Scotland.
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