pikes place, seattle.

^^Gum wall (ew), check. Pikes Place flowers, check.^^
On Friday I flew into Seattle to stay with my parents before we (my mom and sister-in-law) head to Germany to visit my older sister who lives there. We just don't have flowers like this in Vegas or if we do they are way overpriced. I couldn't help myself and bought a $10 bouquet and took it home to enjoy for the weekend.

Can't wait to start our girls trip! I'll be posting regularly on Instagram and blog our daily adventures, too.


two years.

^^garlands made by tassellove^^

Happy two years to my other half! The first two years were awesome, but I think the third is going to the best. We have a ton of adventures planned this year and I can't wait. Cheers to many many more years together ;)


sloan canyon.

^^All of the cacti are blooming in the desert and I love it. Can't get over that pink!^^
^^Petroglyphs from the Archaic Period^^
A few weeks ago we heard about Sloan Canyon Petroglyphs that are right outside of Henderson (the city we live in). The directions and everything about this hike is low key since the Bureau of Land Management is trying to keep this area on the down low due to vandalism. These petroglyphs are from the Meso-Indian period, between 8000 to 2000 BC, and there are about 1,700 stones with petroglyphs. Even the hike isn't clearly marked so trying to find the petroglyphs themselves were a challenge but once we made it, we knew.

I loved looking at these and thinking about the stories the Natives were trying to tell. It was clear the trail was once a river and that was even more fascinating thinking about how the earth has transformed since then (I mean, we are in the middle of the desert!)

This blog has sort of transformed into our weekend adventure trips and not much of a design blog. Our week days consist of four jobs between the two of us (and we both work from home) so we really just want to get o u t s i d e by Friday. In two weeks I'm heading to Germany to visit my sister and I can't wait!


meet maple.

^^Meet Maple.^^
If you follow me on Instagram (@allisoncelestia) then you already know Tate and I have a new little family member at our place. Maple is our 11 week old Bengal cat. We picked her up in Newport Beach, CA and made a fun day trip out of it two weeks ago (does that mean we're crazy for driving 4 hours to pick up a kitten??). She's shy but quickly warming up to us. She likes feathers, snuggles, hair ties, and doesn't really care for cat treats. Oh, we love her so!


angels landing, zion national park.

This year we want to get outside as much as possible (I really live for quick weekend getaway trips). Tate had a cycling race this weekend in St. George, so we drove to Zions National Park to hike Angels Landing. It's a 5 mile round trip hike with a lot of switch backs and straggling along the edge of high ridge peak.
^^Right before we ascended to the highest peak behind us^^
^^We saw a lot of cairns at the top^^
^^I took a picture of the switchbacks on the way back down. A lot of the hike is actually paved and these switchbacks weren't as painful as they look^^

The hike wasn't too hard, although holding onto chains along a cliff felt pretty sketchy at some points. I totally enjoyed the 360° view around me as I was hiking along the ridge. It seems like the more we explore new places the more antsy I get to find something new again. Hopefully we can make it back next month to camp or take another hike around Zion.

While we were in China we met a really awesome guy our age and we showed him around our town in Suzhou for the weekend. Unfortunately we never exchanged info so that was about it after we hung out with him. When we were at the top of Angels Landing we saw him! We honestly still can't get over the odds of seeing him again (in the U.S., at a National Park, on top of a crazy peak) but it was great talking again, and we might even meet up with him in a few weeks in Moab. Life is pretty great like that sometimes.


glacier national park.

We went to Lethbridge, Canada to spend time with Tate's side of the family for a couple of days for Christmas and then drove down to stay near Glacier National Park for a few days too. It was gorgeous with all of the snow (another National Park to check off of the list!). The temperature hit -18 degrees at one point but we still had a great time.

^^We drove to the cabin late at night and went to bed almost right when we got there. When we woke up this is the view we saw from the bedroom window.^^

^^Obligatory National Park entrance photo^^

^^MacDonald Lake inside of GNP^^

^^MacDonald Lake^^
^^The cabin we stayed in. I could have stayed here the whole winter!^^
During the winter season there are only about 15 miles that are open in the park for tourists to visit. We drove through the park and took pictures along MacDonald Lake for a while. We snowmobiled, sledded, and watched a lot of movies by the fireplace. It was basically the perfect Christmas getaway.

2015, here we go!


back in washington.

I grew up in Washington so Tate and I wanted to get to the Northwest for Thanksgiving week. We made it on Tuesday and I've planned a few outdoor adventures. I can't tell you how many times I've hiked Rattlesnake Ridge btu I wanted to show Tate so we left pretty early in the morning on Wednesday to start the hike.

Luckily, it wasn't raining and there were only a few clouds (which was actually really beautiful). We had the hike and view to ourselves! I really do love Las Vegas, but the northwest is best ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!