couch rehab.

I've always been a fan of saving money and DIY projects and ever since we got this couch for free I've wanted to give it a little more life. It's in perfect condition, but needed a little tufting on the pillows and tapered legs so it looks like it's from this century ;) In case you're wondering, this is the tutorial video I watched on how to tuft pillows.

My dad made those wooden tapered legs for the couch and I'm really impressed with how they turned out. Thanks dad! 

disneyland, california.

^^Me, grandma, mom, and sister.^^
^^Fangirled so hard because Paige launched her OWN line for Pink Paislee. I'm so so proud of her!! (Check out her paper line here).^^

I'm not sure how the Sleeping Beauty castle was the only place we took pictures, oops! All of us came down to California (my sister flew all the way from Germany) to spend some girl time in Disneyland. We stayed at the California Grand Hotel and it was way fun being able to sleep so close to the park. My favorite ride is the Hollywood Tower of Terror, no doubt.

I miss my mom and sister already and wish we all didn't live so far apart! Maybe a trip to Germany this year to see Paige?! 

sloan canyon.

^^I spy small petroglyphs on the dark rocks (very right side of photo)^^
We've been to Sloan Canyon before but I've been itching to do something outside that's close to home (you know that feeling when you want a small adventure but are kind of lazy to do anything major?). I'm no longer wearing orthopedic shoes from my surgery back in October so I'm fully embracing getting outside!

Hiking in the Spring to Sloan Canyon is definitely the way to go since the cacti are in full bloom. BUT I'm still amazed at the thousands of petroglyphs that are hundreds of years old.

My sister is flying in from Germany and we're heading to Disneyland tomorrow! Stay tuned for Disney pics ;)

year in review.

What a year it has been! We're sad that this year is over but can't wait for adventures ahead this year (although, we're not sure we'll be able to top 2015!). 

Here's what we did/saw/happened/etc:

Our new kitten, Maple

Thanks for the good time, 2015!

lake wenatchee, washington.

^^View of Lake Wenatchee at my parents cabin^^
^^GoPro kisses^^
^^Can't believe how fresh the snow is!^^

Last week Tate and I flew to Seattle for Christmas to spend time with my family. It's been three Christmas's since we've been in Washington so it was about time! One of my favorite places to go while we're there is my parents cabin in Lake Wenatchee. I've been missing the snow real bad so we packed our warmest clothes and spent a night there.

Snowshoeing to the top of their property was the highlight of our trip to Washington. The trail was covered in snow so we hiked straight up. It wasn't easy but the view was well worth it! We also snowmobiled on a flat airplane landing and ate at a small diner.

See you next time, Washington!

the grand canyon in an instant.

In case you missed it on instagram, here's our standard instax scan of our most recent adventure to the Grand Canyon. I love carrying our instax camera around new places and waiting for moments that might look good on film. Some of them don't turn out (like the bottom left picture) but that's kind of why these cameras are so great.

grand canyon day two.

^^Watch Tower.^^
 ^^Another Watch Tower View.^^
  ^^My parents!^^
   ^^Viewpoint from the Trailview Overlook. I think this was one of my favorite spots in the Grand Canyon.^^

Grand Canyon Day Two: We woke up bright and early and drove along the Hermits Rest Route. Normally you can only access this area of the Canyon by a bus, but since I've been limping since my surgery a few weeks back (and I'm wearing these stiff orthopedic shoes) so the Park gave us an accessibility pass. We were able to drive to each viewpoint, hop out of the car, snap a quick pic then keep driving along the edge of the canyon. The tourist peak is quickly winding down so it seemed like we had this entire side of the park to ourselves. I don't know how we luck out like that sometimes!

Driving along the South Rim was incredible. We ate lunch along the cliffs and drove along the beaten path. I'm just really enjoying myself here.

We're heading back to Vegas tomorrow and I'm bummed we can't spend an entire year here, but these last two days have been a dream. Until next time, Grand Canyon!
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