yellowstone national park

Tate raced Lotoja over the weekend and we decided to make a road trip/vacation out of it. Today we drove to Yellowstone from Idaho Falls. We haven't been here in about 3 years since we went to college at BYU-Idaho so it was a huge trip down memory lane coming here:
^^Grand Prismatic Hot Springs^^
^^We spent a lot of time walking around this boardwalk and took a ton of pictures. Couldn't decide which ones were my favorite so I'm posting all of them :)^^
^^My man and our baby^^
^^We parked in the busy parking lot, made sandwiches and ate lunch in the car while I fed Daisy, then made it just in time to watch the Old Faithful geyser.^^
^^Old Faithful Geyser^^
^^I wasn't expecting this many people in Yellowstone at this time of year, but it was packed.^^
^^Spotted a few buffalo along the Lower Loop scenic drive.^^
^^Emerald Pool^^
^^Couldn't resist! We didn't actually hike to Daisy Geyser (because, well, Daisy wasn't really in the mood) but we had to take a picture in front of the sign.^^
Tomorrow Tate and his dad are going fishing and we're heading into Rexburg to meet up with old friends. Idaho, you've been so good to us! 

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